Month in Review: October 2013

(Cheating my no-coffee rule for an almond milk raspberry mocha.)

October went by incredibly fast.  So fast that, apart from work and classwork, I really didn't do too much.

I started my 'new' job back at the bookstore, and learned how to make all the cafe drinks.  Everything smells like coffee and baked goods all the time, and it's wonderful. I've been working a lot too, which I love, although I had a sixteen hour workday a few weeks ago that left me a bit tired...

My brother had his first set of big shows with the company he's in, and they were amazing.  Super proud of him.

I got together with Lauren and Will for coffee one weekend, which was lovely since I haven't seen them in months.  We spent Halloween giving out candy at Masha's house, and it was wonderful.

I went to the fair with my brother, Lauren, and Will one Saturday.  The fair itself was disappointing, but the company was wonderful, and I really enjoyed seeing the Star Trek exhibit.  Which, let's be honest, is why I wanted to go to the fair in the first place. (Edit: This totally happened in November... I had my weekends mixed up.)

Now that I'm in the swing of my new routine, and have a bit of structure back, I'm hoping to set aside some time to blog more often.  Fingers crossed for that!

Hope you all had lovely Octobers!

This Month in Movies: October 2013

October was so ridiculously busy that I am ashamed to admit I only got around to seeing two films the entire month... and neither of them were Halloween related.  Awful, I know.

October in Movies:

If I Were You (2012): I really thoroughly enjoyed this film, from beginning to end.  Without giving too much away, it's about a woman who discovers her husband is cheating on her, and 'befriends' his mistress.  Definitely worth watching, you will laugh so much, I promise.

The Closet (2001):  A french film about a man who "comes out" as gay to save his job, despite the fact that he isn't, and how it affects everyone he works with.

Hopefully my November will have more time to watch movies.  We shall see.

What movies did you see in October?